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* Repairing * Anti-Aging * Lightening
Notification Note from Ministry of Healty Malayasia
No. : NOT170803555K
Ingredients: Certified organic virgin coconut oil, Vitamin E (Tocotrienol), Grape seed oil, lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil.
ACQUE 3 in 1 Serum is produced using organic virgin coconut oil extract as an active ingredient and combined with other organic charts.It has a variety of benefits and nourishment that indispensable for the skin to maintain and restore youthfulness naturally.The three main functions of ACQUE 3 in 1 Serum are repairing the natural structure of skin, anti-aging agents and skin whitening agents.
 1. Repair – The extract of organic virgin coconut oil is very rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that can help improve the skin’s surface.With the combination of Vitamin E, grape seed oil, lavender essential oil and geranium essential oil, ACQUE 3 in 1 Serum can penetrate the skin perfectly to restore skin rejuvenation.It also helps to keep your skin moisturised your skin throughout the day and making your skin softer and smoother.
2. Anti-Aging – The active ingredients used to produce ACQUE 3 in 1 Serum have been known to be very rich in antioxidant and anti-aging agents.The Vitamin E contained in ACQUE 3 in 1 Serum works to reduce wrinkles and on the skin, thus making the skin brighter and tense.
3. Skin Whitening – Geranium essential oil is one of the best ingredients as a skin whitening agent. With the combination of other ingredients, ACQUE 3 in 1 Serum has a strong anti-inflammatory and astringent properties to help in balancing the distribution of collagen.It also works well for the removal of dark spots, besides enhancing skin pigmentation.


Lip Moisturizer

Ingredients: Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Organic Beeswax, Lemon Oil and Sweet Orange Oil

ACQUE VCO Lip Balm with 100% Natural ingredients nourishes dry, cracked lips and protects against weather and harsh environments. It is the  ideal daily lip balm for everyday protection.

Packing Size: 10 ml

Box Size: 10ml x 12 units

Main Carton : 12 box x 12 units = 144 units