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Management Team

Mr. Thava Kumar . D


Mr. Thava Kumar.D background lies in designing, developing, and implementing management operation and leading cross-functional business and technical teams to deliver projects within the education, construction, and suitable environment sectors. He has an academic concentration in B. Sc in Electrical Engineering majoring Information Technology and Masters in Education majoring Technical Education indulge communication skills to elicit customer requirements and develop strong relationships with key stakeholders throughout the management lifecycle. He ensures consistency in the delivery and management task across the business and oversees the planning, prioritization, and development of new issues, allowing the organization to meet deadlines, budgets, and objectives.

Mr.Bhavin Gopal Gandhi


Mr Bhavin Gandhi is a nuts and bolts entrepreneur having 12+ years’ experience in strategy development and execution across varied domains like Information Technology, Media and Education. Being part of the start-up ecosystem across Singapore, India and Middle East, Bhavin establishes corporate strategic goals by leading / facilitating teams of senior management in strategy and corporate visioning planning session. Bhavin helps to contribute to the company goals by identifying and prioritizing potential business opportunities, potential investments, supporting and managing the strategy development and leading overall planning cycle, including business reviews, board agenda and annual plans.

Mr.Gatot Pulunggono


Mr. Gatot Pulunggono an expert in the field of cosmetics chemistry who is involved in a particular type of physio chemical investigation of products, substances, matters, compounds, and formulations. He is a professional who takes the responsibility of recording detailed instructions and regulations so as to create projects and programs for achieving growth and improvement in the manufacturing activity. He carefully analyzes the formulations and identifies their activity in the predetermined and existing circumstances. He has a Bachelor’s degree and a Master degree in Chemistry. The vast experience of over 30 years in cosmetic, food care and healthcare industries have made him renowned in the research and development of products.



Mr Kunasekaran has been in the FMCG and other service oriented industry for more than fourty over years in the state of Borneo, covering Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei. He has acquired a wide range of knowledge and experience in Sales & Marketing division for the companies he has worked with. Part of his career was centered in the industry of Medical / Surgical, Pharmaceutical, Nutritional and Herbal products. His ability in creative selling of any given product coupled with his understanding and knowledge in identifying target markets to penetrate in the marketplace, is his forte.

What they say

Testimony from people who have used and discovered the amazing results of ACQUE VCO

I was given some samples of ACQUE Skin Moisturizer to try. I was surprised to find that even it is oil based; it penetrates & absorbs quickly into the skin and does not feel oily at all. After nearly 2 weeks of using it, a few friends of noticed and commented that my complexion looks radiant and glowing. I also realized after continuous use, some fine lines have also disappeared. Now I uses it daily as a day and night moisturizer.



I used ACQUE Virgin Coconut Oil on my baby since her birth on both her skin and scalp. I noticed that she rarely gets any rashes on her skin and her hair grows much faster and smoother.